Saturday, July 31, 2010

Testing the Waters: Beaver Brook Reservation, Belmont

My two year old is a bit of a daredevil, rarely hesitant to see what happens if he stands a bit too close to a fan, never afraid of barreling into deep water as I hold on tight and teach him to swim, or to jump on a new bike. But my four year old is unpredictable in his fears. His hand shot up when a clown asked for a volunteer while performing in front of tens of children. He loves to dance in big groups. He is trying to read at every twist and turn. However, he is scared of sprinklers. Skeptical that water falling in his eyes is harmless, he is never thrilled to see water spilling out of the ground.

All that being said, I was curious about his reaction to Beaver Brook Reservation in Belmont. My friends had raved about the place, and after one visit, I am game to go back. It is a combination of many things: a playground, a place to picnic, hike, let dogs roam, and, yes, to enjoy sprinklers galore.
Thanks to the web, I had read the warnings to a) get there early before parking fills up and b)make sure my kids wear water shoes to prevent slips on the concrete that line the sprinkler area. The best part? The range of sprinklers and big boulders made it exciting for the 2 year old, while the 4 year old was able to take courageous steps into one of the little sprinklers. It was cold enough to cool us down on this hot morning. And, after 1 hour, we had our fill.

It wasn't as cushy as the sprinkler park at Davis Farmland. But, reality check? This place is free and close by! Another lovely local option for hot days. Next time, though, I will bring a stroller to make the walk from the parking lot just a bit easier.

Beaver Brook Reservation, Trapelo Road, Belmont

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