Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tales of a 4 Year Old at the Natick Organic Farm Camp

Told, over the course of 4 days:

Mommy, can I go to the camp when I am 8? And 18? Can I be a farmer?
We put a dying chicken in the compost pile. (Uh, okay)
We got seeds from sunflowers and we will plant them. But we need to put water on after. And, mommy, you know what is so cool? When they grow and fall over, we can get more seeds and keep planting them. But, mommy, don't take the seeds if the sunflower is still standing up.
This my picture with flower petals.
Don't touch the bees in the hive. They are making honey but they will sting you.
I gave the pig my extra grapes, so we don't waste them.
I will ask my teachers why purple carrots are orange on the inside.
I will ask them why a cow has 4 udders, but a pig has 2.
I will ask them why animals eat the same food every day. I can't do that.
Don't hit the fly, mommy. My teachers told me to just send it outside.
We gave the baby turkeys seeds. Mommy, the baby chicks are in the barn, but the big chickens are outside.
Where do the birds go on a hot day like this?
I didn't know I liked zucchini. Thanks for buying it at the farm, mommy.
How come their tomatoes are so good?
Don't go in with the goats, Mommy!
The pig's name is Lilac (followed by hysterical laughter).
Today we read stories.
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  1. This camp sounds amazing! Sounds like he really got a lot of it.

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    Director of Operations
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