Thursday, July 15, 2010

That Savy Mr. And Mrs. Mallard: The Swan Boats

This past week, on a sweltering hot day, I watched my children's eyes widen as they saw fiction come alive. They are fans of Robert McCloskey, and with Make Way for Ducklings clutched in their hands, they shook with excitement as they saw the actual Swan Boats that are featured in this classic book.
The ride itself was as delightful as I remembered from my childhood and offered many chances for my sons to recite the names of the ducks in the book. After our little boat ride, we followed the Public Garden path around to the sculptures of the ducks, giving my sons chances to, well, sit on them! As they pondered why Mr. Mallard was missing, we directed them to Tadpole playground at the edge of Frog Pond.
Finally, at 11:00 the Frog Pond wading pool opened, and along with many other sweaty children, they frolicked in cool water. By 12 they were starving, and despite my FoodieMommy desire to eat healthy food, convenience reined me in. So the kids ate (inhaled!) their smooshed grilled cheese and hot dogs care of the Lily Pad cafe located at the Pond itself.
Finally, one last highlight: a ride on the Merry-Go-Round situated directly at the edge of the Pond. As the kids grinned from ear to ear, they reveled in the chance to ride on a pony and, well, a frog.

The day couldn't end without ice cream (actually frozen yogurt) from the Lily Pond cafe, giving my kids such great memories that they are already asking to return.

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